Land Development

Bramata Company is excited to be a part of the robust growth the DFW area has seen over the past decade. New office parks, commercial centers and retail spaces are needed to support the surge of new families and commerce moving to the area. Bramata Company is experienced in these small commercial developments of 2-5 acres in size. By taking raw ground, establishing the necessary infrastructure of utilities, roads, fire lanes, parking areas, etc. and creating builder ready pad sites, Bramata Company establishes the framework for a highly suitable development. Additionally, Bramata Company’s experts can design and build to suit within the development, from shell building to complete custom interior finish out. As general contractors, Bramata Company is the complete package to work alongside both investors and professionals in this growing market.

Professional Buildings

Specializing in the development and construction of Professional Office buildings, Bramata Company  anchors its success on customer centric service. From conception to completion, Bramata Company possess the resources and expertise to create a truly custom building experience and produce the highest quality office building for your needs.


Medical & Dental Offices

In this high specialized industry, Bramata Company has established a strong reputation of providing exceptional quality in an ever progressing environment. Working hand in hand with doctors and medical equipment specialists, Bramata Company has a developed a high level of expertise to build you a superior medical or dental office. With over two decades of experience, Bramata Company will assist you in location selection, design, and finish out to suit your office needs in order to generate growth within your practice.


Custom Homes & Remodeling

Bramata Company has formed its foundation on the belief of establishing a lasting legacy. Built on a dream, Bramata Company’s legacy is rooted in faith and centered around family, which is why Bramata Company joins you in establishing and designing your custom dreams. Through either conception and realization of your custom home or remodeling of your existing home, Bramata Company can bring your dreams into reality for your families years of enjoyment.


Investment Properties

For over a decade Bramata Company has designed, built and managed investment properties throughout Texas. Surrounding university campuses, Bramata Company’s unique and inviting student housing concepts are highly sought year after year by a long line of students. A great source for investors, Bramata Company has the expertise and vision to come alongside investors in expanding their real estate portfolio.